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11 Effortlessly Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

11 Effortlessly Romantic Wedding Hairstyles
11 Effortlessly Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

11 Effortlessly Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

With all the things a bride has to worry about on her big day, who has time for fussy hairdos? Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or snowing winter evening, soft curls barely pinned back or braided with a beautiful clip or a few blooms is all you need! To show you what looks we love, we’ve collected 11 of our favorite effortlessly romantic wedding hairstyles.

1. Loose natural waves look incredible with the addition of a chunky jeweled headband.

Courtesy of Bo and Luca Hera Headpiece

2. A quickly tied bun is so chic with an open back dress and crystal clip.

Photo by Belathee Photography

3. Who knew baby’s breath could look so magical? Simply twist and pin random, large pieces of curled hair, then add texture with finishing spray.

Courtesy of Steph, Hair & Makeup by Steph

4. Barely pinned bangs and a delicate floral headband look simply stunning.

5. This half French, half fishtail braid is breathtaking with a few sprays of flowers tucked in between.

Photo by Yolandé Marx; Hair by Marnel Toerien

6. This Dutch crown braid gets a modern twist with face framing pieces pulled loose and a vine of flowers intertwined.

Photo by Antonova Kseniya; Hair by Nika Zaiceva

7. Vintage glam feels less forced with loose side swept curls and a beautiful hair accessory.

Courtesy of Steph, Hair & Makeup by Steph

8. A ponytail is anything but plain when you tease at the crown, wrap the holder, and curl the ends.

Hair by Elstile

9. For a romantic up-do, try creating a loosely braided chignon and adding a few lilac blooms.

Photo by Elena Eliseeva; Hair by Svetlana Fischeva

10. A half up, half down style is perfect for a beach or country wedding with these wide curls and floral clip.

Photo by Tina Shawal Photography

11. This crown of roses sits a top of a curled bun, with pieces pulled out here and there for an ethereal ‘do.

Photo by Lindy Yewen Photography

-Aliana Heffernan

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