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17 Hair Tutorials You Can Totally DIY

17 Hair Tutorials You Can Totally DIY
17 Hair Tutorials You Can Totally DIY

Braided Half Updo Tutorial

#2: Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Add a little something extra to braided hair by opting for a pull through braid, where you can make your tresses as big or as slick as you want. Who doesn’t love to have options?

Braided Ponytail Hair Tutorial

#3: Half-Up Fishtail Tutorial

While this fishtail looks intricate, it’s actually one of the simpler options for long and, luckily, for medium hair too. We love such universal styles which can be created on different lengths!

Half Updo With Fishtail For Long Hair Tutorial

#4: Messy French Twist Tutorial

Nothing says chic quite like a French Twist, but if you want to add a modern touch to the traditional style, try getting a little messy with your strands. This hair tutorial focuses on air dried locks that you shouldn’t comb.

Diy Messy French Roll

#5: Braided Low Hairdo

When you want a put-together look that doesn’t take a lot of time, a low do is the way to go. For those with shoulder-length hair, this hairstyle based on a simple braid will be perfect.

Simple Messy Updo For Medium Hair Tutorial

#6: Messy Bun Tutorial

The messy bun has been by far one of the most popular styles ever. Often, it’s easier said than done to achieve. You can accomplish the perfect level of cool without much effort at all if you follow these instructions.

High Messy Bun Tutorial

#7: Messy Crossover Ponytail Tutorial

Take one of the hottest trends and make it even more casual and easy by skipping traditional updo tutorials and opting for a ponytail one. This look is ideal for weekends spent relaxing, shopping and having fun.

Messy Low Ponytail Diy

#8: Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Prepare yourself with a sleek appearance like this, and you are definitely going to become the hair envy of the neighborhood. A classic fishtail that just never goes out of style for weddings, proms or any other special events.

Side Fishtail Hair Tutorial

#9: High Braided Crown Tutorial

If you’re in the market for the perfect wedding hairstyle, look no further than easy hair tutorials that involve a Dutch plait braided into a gorgeous crown. Unique and sophisticated!

Crown Braid Tutorial

#10: Half-Up Braided Crown Tutorial

An option you don’t see very often, the half-up braided crown is easy to follow and will give you a romantic and feminine appearance that’s ideal for a date or a night on the town.

Braided Half Updo Hair Tutorial

#11: Top Half Tutorial

In a rush or just have a lot of hair? Then this is for you. A picturesque ‘do looks like it takes a lot longer to complete than it really does.

How-To Curly Messy Side Bun

#12: Bohemian Side Braid Tutorial

Bring out your inner flower child by opting for a braid that’s a little unconventional. Hair tutorials for long hair braided into a side braid work perfectly for those no frills ladies out there.

Side Fishtail Tutorial

#13: Half Up Faux-Hawk Tutorial

This is definitely not an everyday look, but when you’re in the mood to make a real statement, a masculine/feminine combination should be your go-to. Without a doubt, you’ll be the coolest chick in the room.

Diy Fauxhawk Braid Step By Step

#14: Rope Twist Bun Tutorial

In case you didn’t know, the shaggy wet hair look is out. When you’re short on time, opt for styles like this rope twist with a bun that will be an inspiration to lazy girls everywhere.

Side Twist And Low Bun Tutorial

#15: Messy Mermaid Braid Tutorial

We’ve seen them on the runways, at festivals and weddings. Messy mermaid braids are a great way to get voluminous hair that won’t overpower your face. The mermaid option will highlight your facial features nicely.

Diy Mermaid Braid For Long Hair

#16: Reverse Braided Bun Tutorial

Change up your top knot with a little flare by adding a braided detail to the back, as seen on this DIY picture. It’s just as simple to achieve, but you get a different concept that will definitely make people do a double take!

Upside Down Braid And Bun Tutorial

#17: Loose Braided Updo Tutorial

Pretty doesn’t begin to describe this updo. The curly hair and French braids make for a stunning combination. Something like this would be incredible as a wedding design or if you’re looking for a really amorous appearance.

Curly Updo Tutorial For Long Hair

Hair tutorials are the way to go if you need to change up your look, and as we say, the easier to follow, the better! It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, you’ll definitely be able to find something that works best for you.

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