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6 Foods for Healthy Skin - My Skincare Secrets - Tamera Mowry

6 Foods for Healthy Skin - My Skincare Secrets - Tamera Mowry
6 Foods for Healthy Skin - My Skincare Secrets - Tamera Mowry

My Skincare Secrets: Foods for Healthy Skin | Tamera Mowry

1. Water. Before we get into food, let’s talk hydration. While drinking a glass of water won’t immediately cause your skin to be more supple and hydrated, water is sustenance – it’s what our bodies NEED. It’s recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day, so if you want to get more h20 – start there. It doesn’t hurt to have a bottle of water next to you at all times, and even more when hitting the gym. All healthy diets start with water and trust me – it will make a difference in your skin in the long run.

2. Citrus. Citrus fruits like lemon (adding it to your water is an easy way to get a daily dose!) and grapefruit are high in vitamin C and antioxidants that aid in collagen formation and fight free radical damage. Citrus also has folate, which is good for clear skin and a healthy glow. With all these benefits, you can see why citrus pops up in many skincare products. That can help in a pinch, but by incorporating them in your diet you ensure that you reap all the other health benefits too.

3. Salmon. You’ve probably read on a number of blogs how the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon can lower risk of heart disease and even fight cancer. They even help combat depression by stabilizing moods! But what you may not know is that since those fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, they contribute to younger looking skin. When buying fish, go for sustainable salmon in order to avoid possible loss of nutrients, addition of harmful chemicals and to lesson the impact on the environment.

4. Sweet Potato. Once you start eating sweet potato, you’ll find that it’s easy to incorporate this potato into your diet! They’re heart healthy due to their vitamin b6 content, help prevent sugar cravings (with its relatively low glycemic index), and yes, they’re great for skin too. Sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin A, which helps with growth and renewal of skin cells, regulates blood flow and contributes to younger-looking skin overall.

5. Garlic. It’s pungent, it’s flavorful, and it works wonder for your skin. Garlic has been coveted for its medicinal value for years – we’ve all hard that it’s an amazing immune system booster. With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to a compound called allicin), plus antioxidants to fight against free radical damage, there’s no reason not to keep it in the pantry!

6. Spinach.You knew those leafy greens had to be in here somewhere. Spinach helps your liver breakdown and get rid of toxins, is high in vitamins A, C, & b6, not to mention iron and magnesium. This may seem like just a bunch of buzzwords, but getting the right nutrients so you don’t have any deficiencies plays a big role in skin health too (after all, skin IS an organ!). These greens can help your hair grow strong and healthy too – so if you find you have any skin or health issues, greens are a good place to start.

Processed foods and those unnaturally high in sugar are also big no-nos if you are serious about anti-aging and maintaining fresh, clear skin as you grow older. What you might think of as bad luck or moody skin may actually be indicative of either too much of something or not enough nutrients! By incorporating a diet rich in these and other clean, whole foods into your lifestyle, you’re bound to notice a difference. :)

Got any skincare secrets to share? And do you have any other questions for me?



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