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Advice For Girls Who Do Their Makeup On The Subway

Advice For Girls Who Do Their Makeup On The Subway
Advice For Girls Who Do Their Makeup On The Subway

Image: Fashiongonerogue.com

Women, like me, who do their makeup on the subway are no more superficial than the others who manage to do it before they leave the house. We just like to sleep longer.

All of us ladies-in-a-rush have known the feeling of being watched while in the middle of our morning routines. It might be unnerving when you're the subject, but you have to admit it's kind of fascinating. I know I can't stop staring when another woman is grooming herself, so I guess it's just how people normally react. I'm totally okay with it, even though some people do stare while I'm applying mascara with the intensity of someone watching a YouTube tutorial – seriously guys, relax, I'm not Tanya Burr. I don't feel like I'm doing anything stranger than reading a book or listening to music. If I can provide a little entertainment to the passengers on Line 8 as well as spending precious extra minutes in bed in the morning, what's the problem?

If you ever wanted to try doing your makeup on the subway but were too afraid you'd get your eyeliner in your eyes rather than around them, here's my advice, plus a selection of easy products to carry in your bag.

Tip #1: Become a strategist (yes, even in the morning) and pick a carriage where you'll be more likely to find a seat. If not, the experience can quickly turn into a beauty queen's nightmare.

Tip #2: Wait for a stop to apply your mascara, it's more safe — I'm speaking from experience.

Tip #3: Forget about liquid eyeliner altogether, choose a pencil liner instead.

Tip #4: Though the metro's windows can sometimes do the trick, it's way better to carry a pocket mirror with you.

Tip #5: Don't separate from your hand-cleansing gel. I'm nowhere near as bad as the neat-freak teacher in Glee, but when I'm on the Parisian metro I don't even have to touch anything for my hands to get dirty. You may or may not share this sentiment, but do you really want to have dirty fingers when you apply your lip balm?

Tip #6: Double duty products are the best to complete your mission swiftly and successfully. Think mini lip and eye palettes and two-sided brushes – and pick the tiniest version you can find.

Here are beauty products I recommend for sleepy fashionistas:

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