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David Domoney's top 5 fruit trees to grow in any garden

David Domoney's top 5 fruit trees to grow in any garden
David Domoney's top 5 fruit trees to grow in any garden

5 easy fruit trees to grow at home - the best fruit trees for beginners to grow

Fruit is so easy to grow, and it always tastes sweeter when you have grown it yourself! There is a variety of fruit tree or bush to suit every garden size and aspect, and you can even grow them in containers on the patio.

Here’s my pick of the top five fruit trees to try at home.


how to plant an apple tree easy fruit trees for beginners

There is so much more to an apple tree than just the fruit. It has lovely leaves all year round, pink and white blossom in spring and rich, colourful fruit in autumn. They are perfect for nesting birds too. Grow a dwarf or ballerina variety in a pot if you are short of space.


blackcurrants easy fruit plants for beginners best fruit trees

Redcurrant, whitecurrant, blackcurrant – all currant varieties are great soft fruit bushes to plant in your garden. This is an easy, low-maintenance plant with masses of fruit that will grow without much care and attention from you.



Strawberries are one of the most popular fruit bushes in the country. They have lovely flowers and grow happily in hanging baskets and borders as well as tubs and strawberry pots. And nothing beats the taste of fresh strawberries in the summer! A great choice for beginner gardeners too.



My father grew sweet raspberries and the taste today still brings back happy childhood memories. Plant a couple of raspberry canes at the start of the year and you will be picking the red fruits all the way through the summer. They also come in ‘spine-free’ varieties so you don’t get cut on the thorns.



Many people are surprised to hear that blueberries will grow in our British weather. The only special requirement blueberry plants have is acidic soil. Unless you have naturally acidic soil, grow them in containers filled with ericaceous compost. They are apparently a natural alternative to Viagra too, so lots of blueberry pies equals big families!

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