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Half Moon

Half Moon
Half Moon

Half Moon

For those of us less courageous in the nail art domain…

I think I’ve found a solution! A nail art that’s so approachable and subtle enough to wear even if you’ve never been one to apply a sequin or go graphic with your polish – the half moon!

I know it’s not radical or out there, but that is perfect for me – or anyone who is most inclined to nails that can be worn anywhere (office, out to dinner, meetings…) without a second thought. I was with my friends Amy and Renée and they completely inspired me to try this out in white, my default polish color.

And what I love the most, is that, once it starts to chip, it’s fairly easy to do at home. Just bring a steady hand and your color of choice, plus a clear polish for base and top coat. First, shape and clean nails. Then use a base coat. Third, take your color of choice and, using a toothpick or something similar, dip it in the polish and draw an arc on your nail as a border/outline – fill in the larger section using the polish brush. Apply a second coat of color on the same area. Finish with a top coat of clear polish. Voila!

What do you think?! Into it or not so much?

Nail polish, Tenoverten; Ring, Anna Sheffield.

Original article and pictures take http://www.garancedore.fr/en/theminis/half-moon/ site

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