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Hanging Succulent Ball

Hanging Succulent Ball
Hanging Succulent Ball

Round planter filled with succulents.

Tools & Materials

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Step 1

Create a wire frame sphere for the wire mesh.

Cut three pieces of 16-gauge wire 26 inches long and make three equal-diameter loops. Use 24-gauge wire to tie the ends where they overlap by at least 1 inch. Use 24-gauge wire to join the three loops in the shape of a sphere. Loop a fourth piece of 16-gauge wire around the sphere at its middle and tie it in place.

Good to Know

Wire and wire mesh can have sharp cut edges. Wear leather work gloves if necessary.

Step 2

Cut poultry netting to fit around the loops.

Unwrap enough poultry netting to wrap around the wire sphere at its middle with one row of holes overlapping the netting underneath. Cut the netting to length.

Step 3

Wire the loops to the poultry netting.

Use 24-gauge wire to fasten the netting to the middle loop. Then stand the netting and loops on end.

Step 4

Form a sphere with the netting.

Use tin snips or metal-cutting shears to cut from the edge of the netting toward the center. Start by making cuts every 4 to 5 inches apart. None of the cuts should extend completely to the center. Working with one flap at a time, bend the netting around the wire loops and wire the flaps to the loops to form half a sphere.

Step 6

Fill the ball with cactus soil.

Reach inside the sphere and press pieces of sheet moss firmly against the wire to create a barrier for the soil. Then fill the center of the sphere with cactus soil. Once filled, add a covering of moss and wire the last flap in place on the loops.

Step 7

Add plants to the sphere.

Press your finger through one of the openings in the netting to push aside the moss and soil. Remove a single succulent plant from its starter pot and push it into the hole in the moss. Press around the plant to help the moss and soil hold it in place. Repeat for the rest of the sphere. For plants too large to fit through a single hole, snip the netting to create a slightly larger opening. Then press the wires back in place around the plant.

Original article and pictures take https://www.lowes.com/creative-ideas/gardening-and-outdoor/hanging-succulent-ball/project site

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