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Most Popular Pins of the Week · Savvy Home

Most Popular Pins of the Week · Savvy Home
Most Popular Pins of the Week · Savvy Home

Savvy Home Blue Bathroom


Blue and Black Outfit

Thyme Pear Tarts

Low Chignon

La Sirenuse, Italy

Samantha Wennerstrom Green Coat

Marble Soak Tub

Blush and Brass Chairs

I believe everybody has a preferred social platform… For some it’s Instagram, others Snapchat (follow me @SavvyHome). For me, it’s Pinterest. I know it’s not the most glamorous, but with 17,525 pins and counting, I think it’s safe to say I have an addition problem to pinning. The grid-like layout makes it easy for me to identify color palettes, find inspiration, nail down my style, or simply categorize everything and anything from my fall wardrobe, to hotels I want to visit.

The thing is, I never really get around to sharing all that beautiful inspiration on SHB (unless you’re looking at the recently pinned section in the right-hand column). So I figured I would remedy that by giving you a dose of my favorite pins, starting now. I spy shades of what I like to call “Savvy Home Blue” along with some greenery, blush pink and a whole lot of bright warm ivory. What are you pinning? Share in the comments below.

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