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Pia Arrobio

Pia Arrobio
Pia Arrobio


That’s her drinking Aperol Spritz off the coast of some remote island in Italy; filming dinners with her family and getting speeding tickets; in massive glittering Gucci sunglasses, shoving an equally massive macaron into her mouth in Paris. And yeah, that’s her in the DJ booth with Diplo and Virgil Abloh at the L.A. launch of her newly launched ready-to-wear line, LPA. With those images dancing in your head, you get how it would be too easy for Pia Arrobio to play all cool and shrug off the near-instantaneous success of her brand. Instead, she walks that fine line between owning her success (not being all “who, me?”) and being endearingly awed by the idea that her vision is a real, tangible thing that exists out in the world—with women everywhere clamoring to get their hands on a piece of it.

After getting her start in design at Reformation and spending a handful of years in New York, Arrobio was contemplating a big gig at Zara, when a chance meeting with the dream team at Revolve (by way of her pal Emily Ratajkowski) snowballed into an offer to do her own line, with complete creative control. A move back to her native West Coast, one year and some change later, and we have LPA: her decidedly ’70s-influenced (think Bianca Jagger in Dolce & Gabbana with a Supreme hoodie piled on top) line of separates that’s perfectly emblematic of the type Arrobio has in mind.

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