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Singer Fleur East Is All About Razzle Dazzle Nail Art

Singer Fleur East Is All About Razzle Dazzle Nail Art
Singer Fleur East Is All About Razzle Dazzle Nail Art

Ghanaian beauty and soulful songstress, Fleur East is beauty minimalist at heart, who would rather rock bare skin than a full face of makeup. But when she's not sitting in her sister's makeup chair—she's got an awesome crew that's made up of close family members and loved ones—her sister is her makeup artist and her boyfriend is a designer/stylist—she's likely to be at the salon getting her nails done. Her go-to manicure always has a little shimmer, "It's rare that I get a plain manicure. I love black and gold."

The crooner, who's also a lyrical poet, gets her nails done every three weeks and usually opts for grown up nail art with a little shimmer. "I love nails," she states glancing down at her lengthy oval manicure. Her go-to look is always high shine; she tops off her natural nails with a gel overlay to keep them strong and prevent breakage or chipping. We're kind of obsessed with current mani; it's super chic and minimalist with a twist. Looking to take your nail look from drab to fab? Take a cue from Fleur and add a little gold sparkle, life's better with a little shimmer anyway!


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