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The Rules of Style by Shelley Duvall - Man Repeller

The Rules of Style by Shelley Duvall - Man Repeller
The Rules of Style by Shelley Duvall - Man Repeller

Missed you, 1970-something

It’s Wednesday morning are you:

A) Catching up on work you could have done Monday but decided not to

B) Catching up on work you could have done Monday and Tuesday but decided not to

C) Plotting an escape route through the back door like your office is the house you grew up in, curfew is imminent and you have got to get through unannounced

D) Thinking of all the cool things you can wear next weekend when you prove how great a house guest you are at (insert friend’s name here)(insert friend’s summer rental location here).

If items A through C apply to you, I’ve got nothing but I do support you. If, however, you’re doing the tango with item D, let me just tell you…I get it! I’m right there with you! Planning outfits is, like, the best way to procrastinate save for drinking sugary water that somehow manages to inebriate you!

This week, why don’t we take a page from the Shelley Duvall book of style and:

+Forget clothes all together! Make this weekend about drawing exaggerated bottom lashes onto your lids (and eat cotton candy, too — why not?)

+I’m just kidding. Clothes are great.

Try: Stripes and white pants — but not jeans, maybe chinos? Make them loose fit and pair them with white sneakers, like Supergas.

If that doesn’t work, maybe a mishmash of color will — a green top here, purple skirt there, do you have orange shoes? Neither do I! Project!

And we should definitely wrap plastic flowers around our arms, right? Nothing rings in summer quite like them, save for, I guess, booty shorts and a smocked bra top. Wear a shirt dress over said look but leave it unbuttoned.

How about some ribbing? A tight top here, some pants there — to go with your Victorian lace blouse or folk dress du jour?

So many options, so little time. If it boils down to a pair of overalls with comfortable but dainty heels, I’m totally cool with that.

Boom! I think we’ve just eclipsed the hump, people.

Feature photographs via Imgur and Listal; carousel photograph by Bert Stein for Vogue 1971 via Buzzfeed.

Original article and pictures take http://www.manrepeller.com/2016/06/shelley-duvall-style.html site

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