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Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Makeup

Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Makeup
Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Makeup

This week the Beauty Blogger Top Ten team is sharing our Top 10 Ways to Organize Your Makeup. This is going to be such a fun one! I can't wait to see what everyone is using. Here are my ten favourite ways to organize my beauty collection.

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1) MelodySusie Large Capacity Cosmetic Organizer ($49.99 US) - This is a relatively new addition to my beauty storage and I am really loving it. The drawers are a bit deeper than the MUJI 5 Drawers so I can fit in things like my MAC Paint Pots that didn't fit in my MUJIs. The top storage unit is removable, and I have it off to the side of the main unit storing some of my foundations and primers. The bottom drawer of the large organizer has an organizer within it that you can leave in there to sort the contents or remove. I removed it and placed it on top of the organizer in place of the removable section that was already there. It is perfect for organizing my foundations. It's like getting two storage solutions in one! Other products stored in the unit are my shadow pencils, cream eyeshadows, and smaller eyeshadow palettes. The organizer comes with black liner on the bottoms of the drawers which I removed. Great for if you are using it for jewelry.

2) Original Beauty Box Deluxe Beauty Box ($159 US) - This was my first acrylic drawer organizer and is probably my favourite. Yes it is pricey but I think it is so worth it. The deluxe version has a shallow drawer at the top in which I store some brow products and other odds and ends. The next 3 drawers are relatively deep and are great for a variety of products. The unit does come with dividers to divide the drawers in half which can be removed as I did on my bottom drawer. I have one of these drawers filled with a mishmash of lip products that I desperately need to sort through. The next two drawers store almost all of my blushes. The bottom drawer is the deepest and I can store my Chanel palettes on their side. YAY! This drawer contains all my Chanel blushes as well as some others.

3) MUJI 5 Drawer Acrylic Case ($27.95 US) - I adore these drawer units. They are so affordable (although not as affordable by the time you get them to Canada). I have one beside my Original Beauty Box on top of my IKEA ALEX that is full of lip glosses and some lipsticks that don't fit in my lipstick organizers. I have another unit sitting on top of my Original Beauty Box that holds my mascaras in the top drawer, then single shadows, and all my Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in the remaining drawers. These are perfect for Colourpop hoarders!

4) Acrylic Lipstick Organizers - You can find these type of organizers in a lot of places. I got mine at Solutions storage store in Canada for $7.98 CAD each, which is a great price. They each hold 24 lipsticks in 4 rows of 6.

5) Ikea ALEX 6 Drawer Unit ($119 US) – This shorter/wider version of the ALEX drawer unit has 3 shallow drawers and 3 deeper ones. I wish the shallow ones were just a touch deeper because unfortunately I can’t store many of my Chanel, Dior, and other compacts on their sides as I’d like to conserve space. I found a great deal on some fabric covered drawer organizers at Winners/HomeSense that are great for sorting the products inside. These organizers are fabulous but there is A LOT of dead space at the back of the drawers that is incredibly frustrating. You can't see or access anything that ends up at the back of the drawers. You almost need to put something back there to block off the back of the drawers so stuff doesn't slide back there. I just wish they could have designed the drawer sliders so they would pull all the way out. I don't want to show you pictures of the insides of all my drawers because they are a mess right now! The top drawer has all my setting powders and contour products. The second drawer is bronzers and highlighters. The third drawer is larger eyeshadow palettes. The fourth drawer is eyeshadow quads, quints, single shadows etc. The fifth drawer is full of acrylic lipstick holders. The sixth drawer has some more lipsticks and random stuff. (It's half "beauty junk drawer" at the moment.)

6) IKEA Helmer ($39.99 US) - I use this to store all the nail polishes that don't fit on my wall rack. Yes I need to go through my polishes and downsize!

7) Canisters - These particular canisters were from Kikki-K and are no longer available. They are intended as kitchen canisters but simply remove the lids and they make beautiful brush storage. Just keep and eye out for kitchen canisters in a style you love.

8)e.l.f. Studio Large Brush Holder ($15 US) – This would make great brush storage as well, but I use it to store my eye and lip pencils.

9)Vueset Palettes - This is my most recent storage discovery and I am OBSESSED! De-potting not only helps organize your products and make them easier to view and find, but it also saves a lot of space. The Vueset Tahiti ($14 US) holds 24 lipsticks in a remarkably small palette. I have four of these in my kit. Three for lipsticks (OK maybe 72 shades of lipstick in my kit is a bit overkill haha) and one for concealers and correctors. I thought I ordered enough to have some for personal use but looks like I need more! For those of you freaking out at the thought of not having your lipsticks in their pretty tubes, fear not. I actually kept a lot of my lipsticks in their tubes as well. I simply gently pulled the lipstick from the tube. Cut off from the bottom to add to my Vueset palette. Then slide what was left back in the tube to have with me for personal use and touchups etc. It was really a quick and painless process. The Tahiti will hold a full tube of lipstick if you do want to de-pott the entire thing.

I also have a Vueset Taxi ($16 US) that is currently storing 28 pairs of lashes and 6 strips of individuals. I can't tell you what a godsend this is. Storing false lashes in my kit always took up so much room and was so inconvenient. Now after removing and trimming down packaging I can have a large assortment of lashes available in my kit that take up very little space and are a lot easier to sort through.

The Vueset Crazy Jane ($22 US) stores my disposable mascara and lip applicators as well as my cotton swabs, cotton pads, and more. I think I need a second one of these for my kit. It's so versatile. The Vueset palettes are stackable. I ordered mine online in Canada from Backstage Cosmetics. The Vueset palettes are airtight and I've even seen people storing loose glitter in them without transfer between sections. That's next on my to do list!

10)Z-Palettes- I don't know what I would do without my large and extra large Z-Palettes. My pro kit contains 4 Extra Large Z-Palettes. The hold all of my MAC eyeshadow singles, Anastasia brow powders, and many of my blushes and other face powders. I did have my MAC shadows in the MAC palettes but they were just far too bulky and heavy. In my personal collection I have Extra Large Z-Palettes with my Le Metier de Beaute Eyeshadow singles and Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows. I have two Large Z-Palettes that are my most recent de-potting adventure. Each large Z-Palette perfectly holds eight Dior eyeshadow quints. I was finding I was completely neglecting using my beautiful Dior palettes because I had to open and look through so many palettes to decide what I wanted to use. Now I can see them at a glance and I am reaching for, and mixing and matching, them even more. The Dior quints are incredibly easy to de-pott because the glue isn't dry. It remains flexible. You can easily just pop out the shadows without any heat or struggle. I kept some empty palettes so if I want to travel with a quint, or photography them, I can just pop the shadow back in as the palettes are remain unharmed, and the glue still tacky, during de-potting.

What are your favourite ways to organize your makeup?

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